This project “AUTOMATIC ROAD CURVE FINDER” is used to find the curve and it will give the alarm intimation to the driver. The main aim of this project is to minimize the accident and safety drive.
As for Indian road transport scenario is concerned, accidents are becoming a day to day cause an attempt has been made in this project to reduce such mishaps. In our project a high speed alarm and light indication is given to the driver.


 In our AUTOMATIC ROAD CURVE FINDER the audible alarm is given to the driver, so that the vehicle to the safety limit.

  • To prevent high speed in automobiles,
  • To reduce the accidents caused be over speed,
  • To provide smooth/steady drive throughout the ride,
  • To reduce the deviation of the rider by the usage of alarm facility.


This machine “ROAD MARKING MACHINE” works on the Principle of Belt Drive Mechanism. The belt moves on six wooden rollers fastened to the spindles. One of  the wooden rollers is placed on the moving slide. Another roller acts as a marking wheel. Both the rollers are under tension, when the machine is working. The marking wheel can be moves up and down by a clutch lever arrangement. When the lever is opened the wheel is pushed towards the floor due to the tension of the spring, due to the friction between the belt and the floor, all the rollers get the drive. When the machine is not in use, the lever on the handle is closed and the marking wheel is pulled up. As the roller on the slide is already under tension, when the belt hangs down, the spring tension pulls the belt also from the floor surface. 
Diagram Of Automatic Road Curve Finder Project
Diagram Of Automatic Road Curve Finder Project
The paint container is a elbow like construction and the paint can flow through the slots at the bottom of the container. The flow can be actuated by a feed valve and it is operated by a cam arrangement made on the belt when it comes near the container. Therefore, as the brush approaches the opening of the container, the cam pushes the valve and the paint starts to flow exactly on the brush. So that economical quantity of paint is ensured. Thus, when the brush moves further and comes under the marking wheel, the impression is formed on the floor, due to the tension force on the marking wheel. Special arrangement is made to tilt the front wheels, which facilitates the easy operation of this machine even on curved roads.


  • Less fatigue of workers
  • Less time consumption
  • Easy to use
  • Maintenance cost is low
  • No power consumption
  • Process is very quicker and easier
  • Labour cost is reduced
  • More reliable
  • Less paint is consumed when compared to other operations and thus economy is achieved.


  1. It is possible only for 2-lane roadways
Tool Post Grinder -Project On Lathe Machine Attachment
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