The Graduate
Aptitude Test in Engineering
is an All-India examination conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology and
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, on behalf of the National Coordinating
Board – GATE, Department of Education, Ministry of Human Resources Development
( MHRD ), Government of India.
                             The objective of GATE is to identify
meritorious and motivated candidates for admission to Postgraduate Programs in
engineering at the National Level. To serve as benchmark for normalization of
the Undergraduate Engineering Education in the country.
Tips and Tricks
for GATE 2018 Aspirants

First collect all the Information about GATE Examination and its Importance-

Gate examination
is conducted by various IITs and the gate score would be useful to take
admission for Higher Education as well as for Government Jobs. Basic
information will motivate you as well as you will get idea about the level of
the difficulty. 
Refer  This:

Take a look of Syllabus

Syllabus for gate examination is given by
IITs. Before starting for preparation goes through syllabus so that you can
decide what to study. If you see the syllabus, more than 90% content is same as
Refer  This:

3. Start your preparation at
a right time:

You must start it during final year of your If you are
much determined for GATE, then you can manage your classes and projects
accordance with your preparation. Remember you can pass your semester with mere
efforts, but cracking GATE will require huge

4. Collect previous year solved questions papers

Collect the previous year’s question paper
so that you will get idea about exam pattern and exactly what type questions
were asked in exam.
Find out important topic for Gate Examination

If you don’t have enough time to prepare
then skip the subject or topics which have minimum marks allowed but always try
to cover all syllabus.
Make rough plan to cover up the entire Chapter.

Preparation strategy 

Everybody has
their own study method or style, so preparation strategies for individual may
be different. It’s totally depending upon the subject that you feel hard or
easy to understand.  According to this, allow time to prepare hard subject
more.  You should manage this complexity with time.

Join Coaching Classes if Possible

In India there are
lots of Gate Coaching centers and classes are available. Before joining any
classes check out reputation and success stories of toppers who joined the same
coaching classes.
Collect High quality Gate Notes and Gate Preparation Books

You can use Made easy notes, Gate forum
notes,S.K. Mondal notes or any other notes which are easy to understand. Ready-made notes will help you for preparing effectively within less time. There are some
special Gate preparation books like Gk Publication, RK Konodia which combine
all important gate subjects in one book.
10. Choose best books-Use
Standard authors book for separate subject.

First start with your favorite subject. Choose a standard text
book for that. Remember that local books (university books) do not have that
much of concept building as Standard text books (i.e. reference books).
Besides, university books are confined to a specified syllabus only. Some
topics/chapters may be omitted in those books. You should start choosing and
reading standard books from first day of your college. 
Refer  This:

While studying chapter keep asking yourself following question like
“what”, “why”, “how”. –

This small trick wills helpful to clear
your concept in all aspects.

Prepare your own Notes after referring all standard Data and Notes –

While reading from standard references, make handwritten notes
which comprise concepts and problem solving methods. These notes will help you
in the last days of examination for a quick review.
13. Problem solving skills
and concept building

For a decent score you need to learn all basic concepts and
solving numerical problems. Both can be developed while reading from standard
text books. However, problem practicing cannot be done through these books as
they contain subjective questions only. Way to problem practicing is explained
in next step.
14. Try to Solve Question from previous
question papers or standard books.

Try to solve as many problems as possible
from different book as well as try to find more and more tricks.

Refer  This:
15. Attempt Mock Test

Mock tests are demo of gate examination
which give you pre-experience of gate Examination pattern. Conduct self
tests based on various chapters. Continue the self tests and try to achieve a
very good score.

Refer  This:

16. Keep Problems Practicing:

Problem practicing is very important for scoring well in GATE. You
can learn while solving. Some concepts can be best developed through practicing
problems only. There should be a variety of questions in practice which covers
whole breadth of the syllabus. In other words, try to solve problems on every
topic. Besides, problems should be standardized which match the level of GATE.
Many books are available in the market for practicing, but most of them are not
much useful as they contain repeated questions and level of questions is also
not so good. Though some of them are really good, you have to choose one at
your own. Moreover, try to solve previous year GATE papers; they will actually
help you knowing level of the GATE.
17. Keep Revising the Content

One month before the examination you should start revising the
course as many times as possible so that on the day before the exam you will be
prepared enough to crack the exam. In the revision stage concentrate more
on the selected topics.
18. Focus On Unit Conversion:

Units Of Physical quantities are
important to solve problems. You should give more focus On Unit Conversion. If
you fail to Unit adjustment then problem wont gonna solve.
19. Prepare Your Small Pocket Formulas
Dairy and keep it with you:

Refer  This:
20. Motivate yourself .Study seriously.

Stay focused on what you want to achieve
keep your goals, ambitions, dreams in your mind and avoids distractions. If you
feel less motivated, think of the things you can achieve if you were studying
at the IITs.
21. Be Confident and keep patient!

22. Do not waste time on other things such
as things out of syllabus and Difficult Areas.

23. Group Study-

Group study has some advantages like by
discussing any concept can be understand easily than reading. If possible then
prefer Group study for Preparation of Gate.
24. Ask to Experts-

If you not able to understand any concepts
then ask to Experts, faculty, teachers or friends.

25. Secret to crack Gate Exam: 

Keep Your Fundamental or
basic concepts Always Clear.
These Gate tips and tricks are applicable
to all branches like cse,civil, ee, ece, eee . However, only your
efforts would make you succeed.
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